Re Phone Strap Kit for Pebble Time - Assembly Help?

Hi there! I just got the Strap Kit in the mail, and was eager to assemble it all together! (haven’t felt this giddy building things since my LEGO days of yore!)

…unfortunately, there seems to be a few issues about putting this together!

*The kit didn’t come with any watch strap pins to attach to the Pebble Time. I assume you guys wanted us to reuse the pins from the Pebble Time, but that raises another issue: there are no cutouts on the Re Phone strap for the quick release mechanism!

*The NFC antenna board’s cutout holes do not fit the strap’s precut holes! Stretching the strap does seem to work, but I’m not sure if this is the intended solution.

*Connecting the ribbon cable from the battery board to the GPS board is a little concerning: the pins for the ribbon cable are both facing one direction, so to complete the connection, do you have to twist the ribbon cable at an uncomfortable 180 degrees? (as well as smush it together because the cable is far longer than the distance between the boards) The instructions say to install the board upside down. I’m not sure if the ribbon cables are that durable!

Hi dqle,

Thank you for the feedback. As for the questions you’ve brought out,

  1. The watch strap should come with the strap pins, see the following picture, could you please check if the pin is missing, if that’s the case we can send you the pins.

  2. In the RePhone for Pebble Time User Guide, where at the Step 3 of the Assembling,showing below, the assembling diagram shows only two rivets for fixing the NFC antenna, I am sorry we did not mark it in the diagram.

  3. The Xadow 11 Pin connector has a flexible design, so when you connect the Xadow Battery and the Xadow GPS v2, you do not need to concern about the pins on the ribbon cables.
    And it is true the ribbon cable is longer than the distance between the boards, this is because when you are wearing the watch, the strap will bend and extend a bit, so the cable has to be a bit longer to avoid connection pull-offs. Actually you can slightly bend the MIDDLE AREA of the ribbon cable, as illustrated below: