Re:Phone sends SMS but doesn't receive

I set up the SMS example code on a Re:Phone (xadow GSM board + LEDs).
It was working for a couple of week so that I could send an SMS and get some LEDs to light up.
But then it stopped working.
I checked the SIM card by putting it in a phone and I can send and receive SMS messages properly.
But when I put the SIM into the Xadow GSM board and use the serial monitor in the arduino IDE I can see that the board is sending an SMS but it does not receive any messages I send back.
I have made sure the iPhone I am using has iMessage turned off so the messages are sent as proper text messages.

Any ideas on why this might have happened?

I have the exact same problem.
It was working for some time and then it stopped working.
I used the SMS example, checked SIM and it’s ok, but nothing.

Isn’t it a case, that bot of you has received 20SMS or so (or, even less, in case of some sim-cards)? :slight_smile:

I think yes.

Then, it is, probably, just full SIM-card. “Usual” phones can store received SMS both in the internal memory and on SIM-card.
Probably RePhone firmware store them in the internal memory and do not delete after writing them’s content in the file on internal flash.
Unfortunately, I’m a bit busy ATM to check the code to compare it to that idea, but you can check it yourselves :wink:

A full SIM card could be the problem. I will have a look into that.
Any tips on how to delete messages received from the card through code on the RePhone?

This problem already came up weeks before and yes, it’s full SIM. RePhone stores everything on the SIM and it’s very limited.
Delete some old SMS and it will just magically work :slight_smile:

Delete SMS from rephone? Not implemented (yet). Now you have to put it in another phone
here are 2 functions from the API: one deletes one message, the other just wipes the whole inbox
delete one: … @void_.gsp

delete all: … @void_.gsp

Great that sounds straight forward. Only problem is I have an iPhone locked to a different provider so I can’t delete the messages from the SIM!
I’ll try the API route.

So I’ve had a look at the API but as I’m a bit of a beginner I’m not understanding how to use the “delete messages from the SIM” function within the arduino IDE which is what I am using to programme the RePhone.
Anyone know how to do this?

Hint: you can’t.
It’s a rephone’s RTOS function, you can’t call it from arduino.

So I took try SIM card and put it in an Android phone and used the SIM manager app to try and delete the messages. But the app said there are no messages on the SIM card!
So now I’m completely stuck.
I have added some debugging to my Arduino code so I can see that the Re:Phone is sending text messages without a problem but not receiving them.
Maybe this is not a full SIM card problem after all?