RE: LinuxCNC, a LCD Cape for the BBG, and xrandr/Hello?


I use the BBG. I have a LCD Display Cape attached and I want to use LinuxCNC w/ the Cape and board. I actually tested first on a BBGW. I will test on the BBG w/ additional Cape now.

I am receiving an error. It says that the XServer cannot access OpenGL GLX extension.

I have been up and down the interwebs on this one. I even checked in /home/debian/.xsession-errors on my BBG.

This is where I found a topic of xrandr. So, I looked up what that might entail. It seems everything is already installed that I might be able to use on a Server via the BBG. I am out of options so far. So, I figured, “Why not ask here?”


First, Is the LCD work ? any terminal show ?

Hello @Baozhu,

Seth here. I am sorry. The LCD Cape works and LinuxCNC works on it w/ Axis (a GUI).

But…I cannot get the LinuxCNC server up and running on desktop. I do not think this is of your concern.

I can say now that it is figured out. Sorry for questioning things.