re-installing firmware from scratch

I’m getting a white screen and beeping buttons from a brand new QUAD DSO, I followed instruction for firmware update (I had 2.6 assuming I should go to the latest 2.72 // instructions for this are way too cryptic IMO) … is there a way to re-install the system software ? now, when I plug into the USB jack it shows up as a disk drive that needs re-formatting … is this thing garbage now ?


I contacted customer support and got a reply right away with new firmware

I tried it and it seems to work now … this is what the screen says upon bootup:

Hardware version 2.60 serial number 8859Dxxx
DS203 Mini DSO SYS ver 1.52
DS203 Mini DSO APP ver 2.53
Reload parameter form disk

not sure what last line means //
many thx

It’s Chinese for “Reloading parameters from disk”.

It would help alot if you would post the procedure that you used to solve the problem.