Re_computer VESA mount too fragile, Seeed censoring reviews?

Hi, has anyone else noticed the metal in the re_computer VESA mount plates is too soft and the mounting pegs rip out with the slightest force, even just trying to put a re_computer case onto them?

I’ve managed to destroy a couple of them now, and have left comments and reviews on the product page but they are apparently never approved by Seeed. I’ve also emailed their support address regarding this and receive no replies. It seems like they are trying to censor this legitimate feedback and warning to other buyers.

After several weeks of no response to emails from their support department and reviews and comments being censored I feel obligated to get more publicly vocal about this tiny problem :expressionless:

ehh, can you post the picture here?

Hi, sure, I’ll grab some photos tonight after work.

Thank you! Ours ME will rework this product.

Sorry I haven’t taken the photos yet, have my hands full with a newborn - but I haven’t forgotten about them. I’ll be able to post them this weekend