Re-computer 401 for 8GB orin image and HDMI

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I’ve recently taken delivery of a recomputer 401 carrier board for Nvidia Jetson Orin modules. I have several Jetson Orin Nano 8GB modules that i’ve used with Nvidias own carrier board previously. My plan is to use one of these with the 401 carrier. Is there a custome Pinmux or image that needs to be flashed onto the jetson module for use with the 401 due to the change from display port to HDMI? Or does Nvidia’s image work out the box with the 401?

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You don’t need to flash JetPack separately. You can just use the old one. You can still use HDMI in this case.
But the TypeC on the J401 is not quite the same as the official carrier board. the TypeC on the J401 can only be used to flash JetPack.

Thanks for this information, is this also true for JetPack 6?