raw data from 24GHz mmWave Sensor - Human Static Presence Module

I want to ask if anyone of you work before with “24GHz mmWave Sensor - Human Static Presence Module” I want to know if there is any way to get raw data from it (pure raw data not processed one) or if you have any links and sources that can help.

Sorry, the raw data is not obtainable. Only get the data processed by the radar algorithm.

  1. So, is there is any “upper computer software” version for this sensor specifically to show signals from it?

  2. Actually I am working in detecting people behind wall by detecting the heart beat/ breathing. What do you suggest the best sensor from your products for this application and have accessed raw data


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Hmmm, There is the link is in the WiKi or here

I’m thinking the raw data is gettable, You would need to reprogram the firmware to do so. What are you exactly trying to get? Why isn’t the algorithm data usable?
This in combination with the IR camera would be a good app.(walls)
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It is gettable for the lite version of same sensor but for Human Static Presence Module (MR24HPB1) I could not access it.
I am trying to detect people behind wall for search and rescue applications after disaster so that i need raw data to be able to check diffrenet output changing orientation and positions for people behind wall and create data related to this

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GREAT project!
As they say “if your on the cutting Edge” expect to Bleed… LOL
Your on the edge of the edge on this one. I would agree. It should be available, how do you see the code flow?
Init, Scan, detect, Quantify, Output what?
Interesting for sure.
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Did You try the outboard software they provide on link? What did you get?

Hhhhh thats totally TRUE.
I expect time series values as output (which can be values for heartbeating rates/ breathing that change with time).

The software they provide suits with the lite version which is only for detecting motion not micromotions( breath, heart) and it works good actually thats why i want to inquire if there is same software compitable with the one i use.

The 60 Ghz version also have related software but for behind wall applications increasing frequency may not be the good option thats why I am stick with 24Ghz one maybe i can figure something with software.

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