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Raspberry PI 4
Grove HAT
Grove Buzzer
Linux Bullseye

There is something wrong with Grove library, it does not contain anymore grove_pwm_buzzer, i have searched for that file in cloned git and there is no file under that name, but when i type grove_[tab] it shows it is in module list.

Anyway i manage to find older version of that file and copied code, so now i am getting “ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'mraa”, so i have found that mraa is not mantained anymore.

Is it possible to get it working under my conditions ?

If not, please write in article that this works only on raspberry pi 3, and not in pi 4, because it is misleading and it gave me around 2 h of searching what is going on.

Hi,I’m sorry for misleading you. In fact, when you click ‘get one now’ in the Raspberry PI column, you can see the Raspberry PI 3b displayed. Thanks for your warning, this may mislead users

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