Raspberry Pi2 with GrovePi+ and Grove Gesture

I just got a GrovePi+ and a Grove Gesture. I cannot seem to find an example for this configuration with my Raspberry Pi 2. Is there some code out there? Preferably C/C++, but anything will do.


The library link ,examples and documentation is available in the following wiki link

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So, I guess the answer is that it is up to me to port the library to Raspberry Pi 2? All I see is Arduino and Seeduino code? Has anyone gotten this to work with my configuration?


I am making some progress, but I cannot read register 0x43. All it returns is 0’s. Attached are 3 files. They are ported from the arduino example. also, is a screenshot of the results. I am printing a counter, followed by the register I am trying to read, and then the results of the read. You can see that I am successfully reading the registers 0 and 1 which means the device is ready. But, no matter what gestures I do, it reads 0’s in register 0x43. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Can someone take a look and tell me what I am doing wrong?

Seems to not let me upload cpp files, so zipping all files into a zip…
gesture.zip (44.6 KB)


I have seen your software code.

The software library I used is normal in the Arduino.

Please refer the following steps to check:

(1)Don’t use the “paj7620SelectBank(BANK1);” function
in the main function, and don’t use paj7620WriteReg to
write the register.
Only use paj7620Init(); at the beginning, and use
paj7620ReadReg(0x43, 1, &data); in the loop.

(2)"#include <wiringPiI2C.h>"
Please check whether there is some I2C operation error
in the third party software.

(3)Use Grove - Gesture in the Arduino to prove that
hardware is no problem.

Enjoy the process!