Raspberry Pi Zero crashes and reboots when trying pixelring demos from Respeaker 4-Mic Array

I am wondering if the Respeaker 4-Mic Array really is compatible with the raspberry pi zero / w since I send both back to test with new units. Still the same issue. When I try to run any sort of code about the pixel ring the pi crashes and reboots. I tested the speaker board on my pi4 where everything worked perfectly. Is there anyone with the same problem or got it to work or maybe even knows whats up with that behavior?

Got it to work with a little help from a github.
For the interested here is the link:

sorry for asking this as it fixed the issue on your side.

But there is no way to solve this via software? It needs to be soldered? Or did i misinterpret this?

Thats quite awkward as i expect the respeaker 4mic hat to be fully compatible with pi zero with all default functions (and turning led on is a default function indeed).

Yes you didn’t misinterpret it. The board has a Led_Enabled Pin which when triggerd is supposed to open some kind of transistor circuit allowing the leds to get 5v. I have absolutly no idea why but it is responsible for the pi zero to shut down and restart. Meanwhile just soldering a piece of wire to short them directly to 5v without removing any of the circuits components nor adjusting the code solved the problem. As you said I was expecting it to work out of the box as well since the pi zero is even listed as compatible on the respeaker 4mic hats site seed provides. I also tested it before modifing with my pi 3b+ and 4b where the problem did not occur.
Hope I could help you since I don’t understand it myself but at least it works for me.

thanks for the confirmation.

As soldering on the mic-board would destroy the guarantee and maybe (my soldering is quite bad) even the mic board. So i guess i will need to try around first with another raspberry pi - even my usecase at the end should work with a pi zero.
Thats really disappointing having “supported” hardware which can not even follow the simple steps of the wiki.
And even the later described points with “Picovocie with ReSpeaker 4-Mic Array Getting Started” are useless as they refer to working LEDs:
— > Note: Please make sure that Audacity and the APA102 LEDs are working properly on the ReSpeaker 4-Mic Array with Raspberry Pi.

And nobody from seedstudios does a statement to this -> quite bad…

Yeah that is indeed quite sad. Since the board was about 20 € I didnt mind the warranty so much. If you dont mind me asking does the sound card driver installation shown in the description work as it says? Because last time in may / june I worked with it I had to search github for a custom version but I just saw the note that something was updated around end of june so I was wondering if it works as intended again.