Raspberry Pi Relay Board 103030031

The wiki page for the Pi relay board has this notice in red:

[color=red]Place 2 layers of electrical tape on the top of the Arduino’s usb connector. This will prevent the relay shield from making contact. Do not operate voltage more than 35V DC.

The specification says 15A at 35V DC/ 250V AC.

  1. Can the board be used for 250V AC, and
  2. does it really need 2 layers of tape?



The specification of the relay

Maximum current rating is 15A(Maximum current the relay can tolerate)
Maximum Voltage rating is 250V AC/30VDC

But when you are using the value of current and voltage should be as per the contact rating

[color=blue]In form A (normally open contacts condition)
10A 240VAC
12A 120VAC/24VDC

[color=blue]In form B(Normally closed contacts condition)
8A 240VAC

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[color=red]In form C (changeover contacts condition)(Use this rating for normal operating usage)

10A 120VAC/24VDC

7A 240VAC

2.Yes you have to use 2 layers of tape its for safety.