Raspberry PI Pico and STONE Display Dazzling Light Control System

I recently encountered some problems in a project. With the suggestion of my friend, this problem has been solved. I share it with you here.

I. Summary

In production life, LED dazzling light control has countless application scenarios, from large to giant outdoor LED display, small to LED indicator of the mouse, keyboard, and key chain, which can be seen almost everywhere. And Raspberry pi Pico was a new member of the Raspberry Pi open-source hardware family, as soon as it appeared, it brought unstoppable heat, at the end of January 2021, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released heavyweight news, the launch of the Raspberry Pi Pico into the field of microcontrollers. This article is to use microcontroller Raspberry pi Pico and STONE LCD display to develop an RGB dazzling light control solution.

II. The Functions Achieved

Raspberry PI Pico and STONE Display Dazzling Light Control System

(A) RGB-LED Control Main Interface

The working control selection interface of 3 kinds of RGB LEDs can be jumped to the corresponding interface.

(B) Flowing Light Control Interface

  1. red running light.
  2. green running light.
  3. blue running light.

(C) Blinking Light Control Interface

  1. 500ms flashing.
  2. 1000ms blinking.
  3. 1500ms blinking.

(D) The Fade Light Control Interface

3 kinds of fading mode.

III. The System Principle And Composition

(A) System Principle

Through the LCD display, the system collects the operator’s instructions and sends them to Raspberry pi Pico through the serial port. Raspberry pi Pico analyzes the instructions and controls the light set through the WS2812B compatible timing control signal.

(B) System Composition

The system mainly consists of an LCD display, Raspberry pi Pico, WS2812Blight bar board, four parts.

Raspberry PI Pico and STONE Display Dazzling Light Control System

IV. Raspberry Pi Pico And STONE LCD Display System Hardware Design

(A) STONE LCD Display

1. “RGB LED Colorful Light Control” Hardware Design

Use STONE LCD display of Beijing STONE Technology co., ltd, the model is STVC070WT-01, with an integrated TFT display and touch controller.

(1) STVC070WT-01 product features

  • Controlled by any MCU.
  • Displaying pictures/text/curves.
  • 65536 color TFT display.
  • with/without a touch screen.
  • RS232/RS485/TTL UART interface and USB port.
  • Wide voltage range.

(2) Interfaces

  • Power supply interface.
  • DC power supply from 12V 1A power adapter.
  • Communication interface
  • External communication via RS232 serial port with a baud rate of 115200bps.

(B) WS2812blight Bar Control Board

1. Lightbar Control Panel

Using a new member of the Raspberry Pi ecosystem, Raspberry pi Pico.

Raspberry PI Pico and STONE Display Dazzling Light Control System

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