Raspberry Pi HQ camera and lens


With reference to the new lens for the raspberry pi HQ camera.

  1. When referring to specified focal lengths, for example 25mm, 6mm or 8-50mm, does this refers to the standard 35mm full frame cameras or to the HQ camera 7.9mm diagonal sensor (which means a crop factor of 43.3/7.9 = 5.5)?
  2. When referring to the lens resolution in MP, for example 3MP, 8MP or 10MP, what is the assumed sensor size (in mm) and lens diameter (in mm)?



Hi @nahum.budin
We aren’t very clear how to calculate the focal lengths and the lens resolution, but actually speaking,
The larger the focal length, the clearer the details, and the smaller the angle of view; the smaller the focal length, the wider the field of view, but the less visible the details, all depend on the measurement distance.
The lens resolution is equal to the number of pixels divided by the size, the higher the resolution, the clearer.

Hi @nahum.budin, Check this blog post.

Hi @jiachenglu and @salman

Thanks for your prompt responses.