Raspberry Pi - Case for Environmental IoT

Do you have any cases that are compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 / Grove Base Shield? My Raspberry Pi will be running three environmental sensors attached to the Grove Base Shield. The Seeed sensors need to be able to work effectively inside of the case. One of the sensors is Temperature / Humidity Pro, the other is Air Quality, and the third is UV Sensor (sunlight).

I am thinking a case that will prevent heat build-up and will allow sunlight and air to enter for measurement is essential.


Hi @silverage, Check the re_computer case, It’s compatible with all popular SBCs, with a removable acrylic cover on the top, and with a stackable structure.


The video on the link you gave says that I/O shields are not provided for Raspberry Pi. How big of a concern is that?

Would I need to install a fan in the case to keep heat from building up? I am concerned about the temperature sensor giving an accurate reading of the external environment.

Same concern with UV Sensor. Looks like the top panel is transparent, but will it interfere with the UV Sensor reading?

And the air quality sensor probably wont give an accurate reading inside the case?


I found this project with an environmental case referenced on the Grove - Air Quality Sensor v1.3 web page:


Do you know what type of case is used here? The open design would work well with environmental sensors.