Raspberry Pi And Rephone


I can’t remember where in a video but I do remember of a picture of Raspberry Pi and a Rephone core module connected. UART, I2C ? May the dev team could give us a clue?

My point is to know if any one else is think about making these two new world opener talking together, even building together.

Let me explain my taught. I’m really looking for a light mobile dev environment since I met the Raspberry Pi.
My last working stuff is a Pi B with a PiTFT from Lady Ada and it’s all battery powered in a cigar box. Completed with a wireless keyboard.
I’m looking to add a Rephone next to it to get a full next gen open stuff to work on.
Being on Reunion Island let me hope soon coding on the beach. :wink:

I started look at the LinkItAssist2502 makefile from Mandl but I can’t figure out how to modify it to compile directly on the Pi which is already an Arm platform.

May someone like, want to work with me on that?

Have a love day.

I also would like to know if anyone has had success with rephone and raspberry pi.

You probably can’t build on raspberry, sorry.
And to connect the 2? Probably uart, because the rephone only works As i2c master.

Short question, did anyone connect raspberry pi with rephone? I don’t mean the possiblity to build aplications from raspberry (raspbian). I mean the option to “capture” dates from rephone sending them to raspberry. Something like use the rephone as a “modem”, for example to receive SMS…
Thank you

Hi, guys,

Finally I could connect rephone to raspberry via modem. So now my raspberry receives SMS from rephone connected to raspberry and send them from raspberry. Using node.js framework, I even could send SMS with the shell command to raspberry, for example, send emails, create directories… Anything! Even something like “sudo reboot”…
So I confirm the rephone is a really very good device that works properly for raspberry (PI 3)
Now I would like to investigate a bit to know how to pair rephone to raspberry via bluethoot.

I anyone is interested how did I do it, please let me know, I would be happy to share it.

Best regards

I’m working with a micro:bit and be interested in interfacing it with the Xadow Rephone GSM+bLE;
Can you tell me how you’ve done the connection between raspberry and rephone
Thaks in advance, SY, Ph Aegerter