random issue with rainbowduino

Howdy again peeps

so i’m getting to grips with the programming of my rainbowduino’s

i have a problem with one of the boards, i struggle to get it to program and when it does the loaded sketch tends to flash/blink very fast

when i try it on my other board its fine, no flashing/blinking

anyone got any ideas?

could the board be knackered?

Maybe, but all of the Rainbow Seeed sell is fully tested.
Could please tell me more about the non-work board?


Hi Steve,

the non-functional board its just a 328atmega rainbowduino

initally i was fine, but after flashing it a couple of times it now doesn’t want to flash

when i up power it what ever was loaded last just starts up the led’s in a pattern and flashes really rapidly

How do you load the program? Would you please tell me the steps in detail, including the modules setup.


so i’m using my UNO board to program the rainbowduino

all i did was to load up the neorainbowduino slave sketch

hit upload, that all went fine

after the reset i got the blinking/flashing

I had previously programmed another board and was just repeating what i had done previously

i’m struggling to reprogramming it now as well.

If that doesn’t work, please contact us through QC@seeedstudio.com.