Raindowduino and mxt control

Hello, is it possible to connect directly the rainbowduino on a serial port to program it?
With RX TX DTR and GND pin ?

The transfer works with the ’ rainbowduino ’ and an arduino. I followed the procedure for ’ mtxcontrol ’ but I have the message ’ no output device found ’ while the arduino is good ’ com1 ’
The arduino works well and the ’ rainbowduino ’ also with a program of test.


“Hello, is it possible to connect directly the rainbowduino on a serial port to program it?
With RX TX DTR and GND pin ?”
yes, TTL Serial port works well with Rainbowduino.

For mtxcontrol, would you please tell me how to connect it?

BTW, Arduino 328 can upload sketch to Rainbowduino:
rngtng.com/2009/06/25/rainbo … rogram-it/


I used the method ‘http://www.rngtng.com/2009/06/25/rainbowduino-here-it-is-and-how-to-program-it’,
he is connected because I program it.
View here http://www.zouliv.com/rainbow2.jpg
With a serial analyzer, when I open mtxcontrol, he open and close the port ‘com1’ but does not send data, strange!


I made a test with ’ rainbow_plasma ', it works! But not mxtcontrol!
A view here http://www.zouliv.com/rainbow3.jpg
I tried of compiled mxt with processing but I have this error.
I’m bad !!!


I see the same issue I had on the Stalker is also on the Raibowduino to reprogram it you would need a MAX323 between rx and tx or a small circuit with a couple of transistors, but I really also like the idea that came to Albert.Miao to re-use the pin 1 and 2 output of a standard Arduino… :wink:
Anyway if you do not have another Arduino you can always use some other type of serial level convertor…
My other post here, at the end: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=727&p=2694#p2694


My port com works because I can program my ’ rainbowduino '.
My problem, the firmware is in the ’ rainbowduino ', I compiled ’ mtxcontrol ", mtxcontrol communicates with it ’ rainbow ’ but diodes do not ignite, by testing with the program plasma it works.
I made out a will with several versions of the firmware, it does not work.
some Ideas??
Thank you

Hi there,

The new version of mxtController and conresponding firmware run on rainbowduino may not work, so you may try this(I’v tested ok): :slight_smile:

  1. Download the mtXcontrol_windows.zip and Rainbow_mtX.zip here:http://code.google.com/p/rainbowduino/downloads/list

  2. Connect your rainbowduino in proper way to your computer that you can program it throgh COM.(Remember to change the port to use COM1)

  3. Unzip Rainbow_mtX.zip to your arduino code directory (no need in the arduino library), open Rainbow_mtX.pde by arduino and program it to your rainbowduino.(If it compiles failed, there may be another rainbowduino class in your arduino library, so back up and remove it).
    After programmed, the rainbow Matrix will be all in white.

4.Unzip mtXcontrol_windows.zip and run mtXcontrol.exe.
If ther’s error reported, like “not found javaw.exe”, then you need to add the java path to your environment variable(On my computer is: D:\Program Files\arduino-0018\java\bin ). Am I understood? :wink:
If there’s no error reported, just enjoy controlling your rainbow! :slight_smile:

May it helps!

All the best,


Thanks Icing, it work !!!

second question Icing : if I want to use 3 x (8x8) leds whites and not 64 (8x8) rvb, it is possible to modify mtxcontrol to have a matrix of 24 x 8 leds ? A large screen :slight_smile:

Hi Olivier,

Rainbowduino can drive 3x(8x8) leds as you connect them in a proper way. For example:Cathode of group 1 connect to R1~R8, cathode of group 2 connect to G1~G8, and cathode of group 3 connect to B1~B8.You can then control them with different data filled.

However, mtXcontrol is not developed by seeedstudio, and we have not looked into how it works. We may do these works later.



Thak’s Icing. I try to modify mtxcontrol for do that !

Ive Followed Icings method, and i still cant get this to work,

i am wondering if i need a chip in the actual arduino board between the pc and rainbow?

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Icing,
Thank you for your support.
I have followed the installation process that you described in one of your previous post (03 june 2010) and it works :wink:).

Where can I find the sources and libraries that you have compiled to get this version of mXtcontrol.exe ?