Rainbowmcompat library for compatibility with MeggyJr progs

Inspired by the rainbow-plasma program, I patched the MeggyJr API to work on the Rainbowduino. It compiles and runs all the MeggyJr programs I have tried. Of course the Rainbowduino lacks sound and input hardware so the games are not playable but programs like plasma, binary clock, and text scrollers work nicely on it.

I have plonked it up on code.google.com/p/rainbowmcompat/ , give it a try. The instructions are in a readme.txt in the zip file.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah man I love you!
I’m gonna play with it next days and let you know how it goes,
thank you so much!

Hi Dave,

I just fired this up myself. Works great! We could even repurpose the I2C interface for some buttons!

What would be impressive is exposing the API via serial so we can program the device remotely :wink:

Thanks, the MeggyJr serial example works so you can program individual pixels through the serial interface. I am looking at using Firmata (www.firmata.org) to extend it to animation frames at the moment.

Thanks for posting this.

Could someone point me to the right direction?

I am tying to use a Seeduino with buttons to send I2C data to the Rainbowduino to simulate a controller.

I have problems using the “wire.h” together with the meggylib.

Thank you in advance.

Hi saw0, what problems are you having, is it not compiling? Can you post some sample code?

If all you want to do is add some switches for games you could just use the Rainbowduino’s two analog inputs and a voltage divider arrangement to get multiple buttons on one pin (e.g. arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaB … 1226896251). Though if the game needs to have more than one button pressed at once it could get complicated!

Screw the I2C thing! Thanks for the link a thousand times!
This is exactly what i was searching for.
I already was thinking about shift registers for more buttons :smiley:

Two different buttonstates at a time (ADC 6 and 7) are enough.

I just want to compile some basic meggy-games, nothing too special.



You’re welcome, and if you like please upload any code to the project as I’m sure other people could use it too. Thanks.