Rainbowduino v3 GPIOs?

Hi everyone!

I have a quick question: What and how many GPIO-ports does the Rainbowduino (v3) actually have and how I can use them? Next to the pins for the LEDs and for Daisy-Chaining multiple Rainbowduinos there are 8 more next to the reset button labeled A0 to A3, A6, A7 and D2 and D3. Does that actually mean “Analog Pin 0 to 7” and are those the same numbers to use them with the Arduino software?


you can use all of the GPIO of the MCU except the PB2. actully, you can use these pin as in arduino Uno. so , the A0 to A3, A6/A7/D2/D3 is the same nunber with arduino software.
you can download the shematic of rainbowduino for more information:http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Rainbowduino_v3.0#Resources

I just got to check it out and found out the following:

Pins A0 to A3 have the Pin Number (in the Arduino software) 14 to 17, D2 and D3 have number 2 and 3 and I couldn’t get A6 and A7 to work at all.

Only D3 was able to do PWM (with “setAnalog”), the others only responded to digital output.

I didn’t do any input testing yet, though.