rainbowduino v3.0b programming? Help

I just received my rainbowduino v3.0b programming (prebuilt with 8x8 RGB Matrix). This is the new version with USB mini on it. I power it one since I was told it would work out of the box… I get a single RED led in the center… Is this normal? I have downloaded most rainbowduino files and I have found nothing to change this. DO I need it attached to an Arduino Uno or Nano to give commands :wink: to it for operation? I was under the impression it would work on it’s own having the Atmega 328P embedded.

Please help.

Mitch Katz

I got this one going. Sorry for the bother.

If anyone has any neat 2D 8x8 RGB arduino sketches they would like to share, Myself and my kids would love it.