Rainbowduino v3.0b: Problems with third party firmwares

Has anyone with the newest Rainbowduino (v3.0b model:ARD127D2P) had success any of the existing third party projects working? I’ve spent my whole weekend trying to get mtxcontrol, neorainbowduino and rainbowdashboard working without success. I am able to successfully compile and upload various firmwares (I usually need to change WProgram.h imports to Arduino.h imports). I know I have a good matrix because I can get all of the examples in the official 3.0 firmware bundle working (PlasmaMatrix, Moodlamp, etc).

One example, in regards to Mtxcontrol: The program starts up fine and I can see “RX” red led activity on the rainbowduino when I paint pixels in Mtxcontrol. However, my matrix does not light up. I can give additional details specific to the projects, if needed.

Is it possible that the 3.0 hardware is so drastically different and that these third party projects were written for 2.0 and prior hardware?

Any ideas? Thanks!

The hardware and the driver of v3.0 is different from v2.0. So the third party software is not support yet.

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I should have researched the extent of hardware changes before I purchased. I noticed you said “yet”. Does that mean third party software will be supported in the future? :slight_smile:

I’m a novice at this stuff. Is there anything specific I can modify to get these third party projects working.



I’ve just ordered a v3 board and realised the same thing. So I’m putting together a firmware that’ll add some of the features from the various V2 firmwares.

Porting is pretty easy - in fact using the Rainbowdunio.cpp file from the demo, mostly it’s deleting code from the old firmwares and replacing with calls to the “Rb” object.

What were you looking for in particular?



That sounds great! I have spent time looking at neorainbowduino and mtxcontrol. Keep me posted on your progress.

Also, I’ve been trying to get Rainbowdash working as well.

How is the v3.0 hardware different from 2.0? Did you guys finally fix the bleed-through problem (where the next row from the currently-lit one) glows faintly?