Rainbowduino v3.0 unknown pins

on rainbowduino v3.0 I have found empty pins marked A0-A3, A6, A7, D2, D3. These pins are located on the edge close to reste button. Please can somebody tell me what are these pins used for. Are they analog inputs? if so, how may I use them? (+3V impulse or something similar?)



Dear customer,

Because those LEDs are common anode, so all A0-A3, A6, A7, D2, D3 pin are use by VCC power supply. If you download EAGLE file you can view that board is how to control LEDs.

But if you don’t use LEDs, Rainbowduino also can use like Arduino and you should defind the pins by yourself again.

Hope that can help you.

Hi, I have checked eagle files for rainbowduino and I found that for driving LED are used just PB0 and PB1, all mentioned pins are connected to unused i/o pins of atmega 328. So I do not understand, if I’ll be controlling LED I’m not able to handle those i/o pins? I guess that with proper firmware I should be able to recognize signal on these pins and I should be able to interact with rainboduino by some UI … like touch sensors. (Changing theme by touch/pressing switch). My idea is to make rainbowduino standalone driver of custom matrix with limited (but existing) control without using another microcontroller.


Rainbowduino hardware is design like this so if you want to use another sensor to control, you must add something else to control.

I found that I can read analog inputs from these pins and handle them in my firmware so seems that I’ll be able to control rainbowduino via these pins without problem (switching between shine modes), I’m waiting to my led matrix and then I’ll confirm this.

It is similar with Arduino, but not forget that pins are for LEDs matrix.
If you use it, that could be can’t control them by some way.
But if you can solve at software it is OK.
Hope you can success to use those pins.

And what if you can appear your result it is welcome.

I will public my results when I will be successful with my setup.