Rainbowduino v3.0 newbie has problems

Ive just started tinkering with arduino based electronics and decided to buy a rainbowduino and led matrix. I’m running v1.0 of the IDE and can’t get the rainbowduino to work. When I apply power a single red led flashes continuously. When I connect via USB I chose arduino nano with atmega 328. I try uploading the example sketches and get Wprogram.h not found. Now apparently I should change that to arduino.h in the library which I do but then when I upload I get avrdude: stk500 error message.

Anyone got any ideas what I need to do to get this working correctly??

Your help is greatly appreciated.

to have successfully uploaded sketch I found that you need to physically connect your rainbowduino before you start Arduino IDE. If you are not successful, check which port are you using, probably you will need to change it, and if it won’t help just try to select other board I’m using diecimilanove w/ATmega 328 … and just to not fell like a fool (like I did) first check in which position you have set switch USB/UART host on your PCB … it should be USB if you are uploading sketches via USB.

Thanks for your advice, I managed to get it working now. Appears that because I was using a USB 3G modem my computer wouldnt assign a port to the Rainbowduino and so wasn’t communicating. Once only one USB port is being used it works fine.

Now just got to learn how to program the thing now!!!