Rainbowduino to "Factory Default"

I want know if there its a way to “reset” the arduino to factory default(firmware and/or sketch), by example if try the mtXcontrol, then i want back to the factory preloaded sketch/firmware.

rebootloader it

Some information about the process?
More info?, a tutorial?

Thanks a lot!

You can get the code Rainbow_commandVersion_Beta.zip from code.google.com/p/rainbowduino/downloads/list

Unzip it into your Arduino library, download sketch Rainbow_CMD_V2_0 to your rainbowduino.(remember to power the rainbowduino with extra supply(6.5v or more)).

After that you can see the “Factory Default”.

Thanks!!! I will doit, now can experiment “in peace”.


I do this(cause I played around with some other firmwares like plasma, but want back to the basics):

  • Downloaded the file from url.
  • Unpacked to c:/arduino/libraries/(then created two subfolders /SeedMaster and /Rainbow_CMD_V2_0).
  • Uploaded Rainbow_CMD_V2_0.pde to Rainbowduino(via Arduino without Atmega Chip)
  • Uploaded SeeedMaster.pde to Arduino.
  • Conected Rainbowduino to Breadboard Matrix, Show pattern from red to blue.
  • Connect Arduino to Rainbowduino via RX/TX cables, but nothing happen.

What step I lose in the way?.


If understan this its a bootloader process, right? need to re-put bootloader on chip? any guide about process?

Many Thanks.

Erick Nava Aldana.

If you can upload sketch to Rainbowduino via Arduino IDE.
bootloader is not necessary.
What’s the problem now?