Rainbowduino Questions

I’ve never used an Arduino but have alot of experince with programming dsp’s directly. I’m trying to figure out if the XBee is that requires 3.3V will work with the cube without a level shifter (I don’t know if I am just not finding the right schematics or not but it seems a tad less than clear but I see the cube is supposed to be 3.3V but I’m finding some pins listed as 5V on the rainbowduino schematic) and on the Arduino software which board type I need to select to use with it. I’m still waiting for parts to come in mail but am trying to get everything setup and a few test programs done before it gets here. Also is the source code available for the rainbowduino libraries?


You can download the demo code at seeedstudio.com/wiki/Rainbow_Cube or example libraries.
It is a lot of style that can be changed so the code just use for refer.