Rainbowduino problem!


I try to upload a sketch found on the Wiki page for Rainbowduino, onto my Arduino IDE.
But can’t compile it, says “RB was not declared in this scope”

how can I solve the problem?
thank you!

Hi there,
Make sure you are using Arduino IDE1.0 , download the library for arduino 1.0 , uncompressing it and put the file in path \arduino-1.0\libraries\


In generally, when you get some words like “xxx …not declared in…”, it should be lost some library.

Rb.init(); //initialize Rainbowduino driver

I am a rainbowduino novice, when I try to compile the basic Cube1 sketch the above line is highlighted and the compiler reports the error ‘Rb’ was not declared in this scope

I think I have the correct revision level of arduino-1.0.3 and all libraries.

Thank you for your help.

EDIT 2/21/13:
I do not seem to have the Rainbowduino board selectable in the arduino environment. Now I’m confused.
Thanks for your help.

You need choose the board: Arduino Duemilanove w/Atgega328 .