Rainbowduino Plasma Program

I ported over this “plasma” display from the Meggy Jr. to the Rainbowduino as the basis for a project I’m doing to make a rainbow clock. The code isn’t as cleaned up or fast as I’d like it yet, but the display is pretty.

I’ve put the code up at combee.net/rainbowduino/Rainbow_Plasma_0.1.zip if anyone wants to download and try it out.

That looks awesome, I wish I had the RGB matrix to try it out now.

Hey Plasma,

Should this be loaded on the Rainbowduino itself? Do you happen to have a video at all.

Sounds like it could be quite interesting!

Yes, you load this on the Rainbowduino replacing the default software. Right now, there’s no serial/I2C control of this, but the final version will have some controls for setting a time and I/O between the right and left module so they show the same time and change together.

Great. Let me know how you get on. Could be quite interesting! I need to pickup a FTDI adapter, I can’t program the Rainbow without gutting a Arduino

Thanks for that! I got it running on my Rainbowduino w/o trouble. Looks nice!


If someone gets a chance, throw up a video :slight_smile:

I made a first Rainbowduino test with the Plasma program using this setup:
4 RGB matrix driven by 4 Rainbowduino
and a RGB Ledstrip driven by Arduino via PWM.
Some polystyrene to diffuse the light and nothing more…


Thanks for the plasma code, I’m studying it now!

That. Looks. Amazing. :slight_smile: