Rainbowduino I2C with Arduino Uno =(...

I was wondering if anybody can help me out. My issue is with the Arduino not being able to communicate with the Rainbowduino with a 8x8 LED Matrix attached.

items: Rainbowduino v3.0b w/ Atmega368 , 8x8 LED matrix, and Arduino Uno R3

I been working on it for a week now, I can program the Rainbowduino independently and that works fine. But hooking up with an Arduino via I2C ( SDA/SCL) produce no results at all. I uploaded firmware to Rainbowduino and master example code to Arduino from sites I found via code.google(dot)com

I also tested to see if Arduino is even able to see any I2C devices on its bus by using I2C scanner from arduino’s website

That works fine and response with the correct I2C address , so I’m really lost and not sure what else I can do to troubleshoot this. I’ve even used older firmware and still no luck.

Can someone please help me with this. I’m about to give up =(…