Rainbowduino I2C individual LED setting

I have been able to setup my rainbowduino to receive the i2c command from my uno board. I am able to run the SeeedMaster sketch that sends the characters that are predefined in the data table.

Now I would like to send commands to the rainbowduino to set an individual LED and its intensity without modifying the original rainbowduino code.

Would I use the ShowChar function? Or is there something simpler I can send over the i2c link?

There isn’t a command in the standard firmware that can do that, you would need to add one. Building images a pixel at a time over I2C will be a bit slow too. What sort of images do you want to display?

Speed is not important, all I need to do is turn on and off individual leds and control thier brightness.

Each led is only going to be turned on and off a few times a day.

There’s some code to add a SetPixel command to the firmware in this thread: arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaB … 1255784852