Rainbowduino HW version 3.0

I was not able to get the Rainbowduino board V3.0 working as a i2c slave with the firmware 3.0

The normal Softwaredemos a running well, but not the i2c firmware.
i had no problems with the older version of the board (the white 328 board without usb)
is the firmware not compatible with the actual board?

any help?

yeah,the raibowduino 3.0 is some difference from the older version board . you can download the libraray of raibowduino 3.0 , this package includes the new firmware, too.

Thanks for Your reply. But i could not find anything i2c related in this library.
I suppose that you suggested to use this lib:
seeedstudio.com/wiki/images/ … ibrary.zip

perhaps one can adopt the i2c part of the old firmware to work with the new one?