Rainbowduino howto upload images to be used with ShowImage ?


I’m just playing with a Rainbowduino and I was wondering how to upload an image to the Rainbowduino flash to be recalled with the ShowImage function.

I’ve been searching literature on this with no success. Is there any doc, link or support for this ?

Thanks !!


you can put your image dot data in the unsigned char Prefabnicatel[i][3][8][4] .

sure, but I probably I missexpressed what I mean…

In the same manner we can use ShowImage to Show and Image stored in Prefabnicate, would be useful to have a procedure … let us say LoadImage, to upload the image and furtherly request it with ShowImage ?

I mean with no need to recompile the code with the image definition and furtherly write to the Rainbowduino

regards !

You can write to flash memory from a running program but it’s pretty hard work, see here: arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaB … 1175249750

If you don’t need to change the images at runtime it’s easier to generate the source code for images from a program and include it in your compiled program, see for example rainbowconverter on code.google.com/p/rainbowduino-tools/ , which converts animated GIFs into source code.

There is EEPROM memory which is easier to write to and can be used to store a few images. Look at the source for mtxcontrol rngtng.com/mtXcontrol/ which uses the EEPROM as I recall.