Rainbowduino Help


I love the Rainbowduino, but my issue is that the wiki lacks poor documentation for the matrix. I have been trying to learn the code, and it seems to be very inconsistent. For example, lettering and targeting individual pixels and drawing lines work perfectly, but when I try to draw any shapes, it seems that it doesn’t know where the start of the matrix is and thinks 0,0 is like at the edge of the 8x8 matrix.

There is a very nice third party program called mtxcontrol, but hasn’t been updated from what I can see since 2009 and doesn’t work for V3 rainbowduino obviously. I’ve been reading around and multiple people have said they have worked on updating it, but I can’t find any evidence of their finished work, so that’s why I come here for help.

Thanks for anyone who answers.


Did you check the following page.

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