rainbowduino help

ive been trying for well over a month to get these rainbowduino’s working and im pretty much at wit’s end, im almost ready to throw these things out the window…
i read all sorts of documentation that i could find and still got no answers, how do i breathe life into these things?

You need to give a bit more information about what you’ve tried so far, I looked back through your posts but it was hard to tell what you’ve tried so far and what isn’t working.

Is the rainbowduino displaying anything at all on the LEDs?

Have you got it hooked up as shown here: garden.seeedstudio.com/index.php … d_firmware

Using the UARTSB is by far the easiest way to program them, and it comes in handy for other stuff as well.

Attach Vin and GND on the arduino to the VCC and GND of either the JST header or screw terminals on the rainbowduino

Make sure the power select switch is set correctly for whichever power connector you used

Attach SDA and SCL on the arduino (analog pins 4 and 5) to the SDA and SCL pins on the rainbowduino

Power the arduino with a 9V DC power adaptor, and change the PWR_SEL jumper to EXT

Plug in the USB connector on the arduino and program it with the “SeeedMaster” sketch in the zipfile. This will write a bunch of different ASCII characters to the rainbowduino

Modify the SeeedMaster sketch to display what you want (try the ShowChar, ShowColor, and ShowImage functions)

You can chain up multiple rainbowduinos using this method, but you have to reprogram each one to have a different I2C address (look for this line in Rainbow_CMD_V2_0 - “Wire.begin(#)” ), and then send each command to the appropriate address

copy and paste from someone else, but this is how I got started.

ive done pretty much everything i could have thinken of, ive tried sending things across different boards like UNO’s and mega2560’s, just sending simple commands to whatever is on the board already, ive followed alot of guides, i even followed that guide but it did not work for me using a UNO, despite trying every time nothing has worked, it has just been default pattern, havent been able to do anything else with them at all, ive even bought a UartSB/USB to Uart thing and that didnt even program them S: just stays default pattern

this method has not worked for me S:

it would honestly be easier if the rainbowduino’s just came with a USB port on it so it’s easy to work with.