Rainbowduino firmware uploading

Hello all,

I received the rainbowduino a couple of days ago and I hooked it up to the 4x4x4 cube. All seems fine because all leds light up in the pattern mentioned.
Now I want to communicate with it. I do have a buspirate but can’t seem to get any contact with the rainbowduino. Not through i2c nor through serial.
I didn’t succeed in uploading any firmware as well. I keep getting the “stk500_recv()” error in the IDE.

I read that many use another arduino to contact the rainbowduino for programming. I also understand that the other arduino is then more-or-less only used as a USB-serial converter. I put the buspirate in the transparent serial mode and so it acts exactly like a FTDI. Why don’t I see any messages coming from the rainbowduino?

I tries to send “[ 0x08 0x72 0x25 0x00 ]” to the rainbowduino to clear the leds. I do get ACKs but nothing happens.

Is there any way to communicate with the rainbowduino with the out-of-the-box firmware? And does anybody have any idea why sending the firmware does not work?

Thank you very much,

hey milo

i think it should possible to use a buspirate to upload a firmware to the rainbowduino. I guess the tranparent uart mode is your friend - maybe you need the bps setting from the arduino bootloader.

If you succeed you would write it down at the rainbowduino wiki at garden.seeedstudio.com/index.php … Atmega_328.

if not, let me know… cheers

Ok, I updated the wiki as mentioned by ‘michu’. See http://garden.seeedstudio.com/index.php?title=Rainbowduino_LED_driver_platform_-Atmega_328#Use_a_Buspirate_to_Upload_firmware.2F_bootloader