Rainbowduino Control Questions

I’d like to have a computer control an 8x8 RGB LED matrix and synchronize the display with music. Because of this I’d like to have latency within a few milliseconds.

Is this feasible with rainbowduino? If so, what hardware would I need to make it happen? It looks like I need to buy everything on the [Rainbowduino related] page. Is the seeduino required, or can I go directly from a computer to the rainbowduino?

Any input is much appreciated.

the rainbowduino does not have a usb port so some device will be required in between.

check out the projects on the Rainbowduino carnival. there are some projects on there that do something like what your looking for.

i have seen somewhere on the internets where somebody did a project similar to what you describe the the link escapes me right now.

It looks like this does the job:

seeedstudio.com/depot/uartsb … p-495.html

Do you think it would be fast enough?

it will be as fast as if an arduino was hooked up.

using that pretty much makes the rainbowduino a standard arduino. you will have to adjust the baud on your code on the rainbowduino but as far as speed, its just like dealing with serial communication to an arduino.

Says it’s sold out. Anyone know when I can order one?

they are pretty good about replenishing stock pretty quickly.

also, you can use a seeeduino to talk to the rainboduino. check this out