Rainbowduino and external Sensors or Buttons


Do we have any information about the sensor/switch - ports of Rainbowduino?

How would I adress or check them?

The Manual mentions that there are three pins for Sensors, but not how to use them.

Thank you



Read the solution here


You can also use some pins from the ISP connector for having more IN/OUT pins (digital 11, 12, 13),
you need to change the “Rainbowduino.h” a little bit, check this thread:

Thank you Hansen!

I have now advanced quite a bit. But two questions still remain:

Where do i grab the 5V for the Buttons when using a external Power Supply?

And why can’t i use the ADC 6 & 7 as Digital Reads?

Greetings and thanks


i dont think there is a IO pin for 5v in the board,
there is a regulator that gives 5v but due to the diode the interfaces the programming header the 5v is not available in Vcc(check layout- its kind of tricky),
i think its kindof a security measure, but because of this, 5v cannot be extracted from the pin, you can solder something to the output the regulator or some of the 5v areas (check the layout - its open and on the web)
I finally used an external 5v,

and for adc 6 and 7, I believe last time i check it was because the atmega168 doesnt support it as a digital IO,

Thanks, that was quick :slight_smile:

I will solder a wire to the VoltageRegulator then or use a 7805 :slight_smile:

Reagrding the DigitalRead of the two Apins: thought so because the Arduino Playground states: