Rainbowduino + 8x8 RGB matrix

Hi, I’m new to arduino and rainbowduino.
I connected rainbowduino v.2 to arduino uno r3 and I managed to light it up.
But the problem is that the default pattern it shows doesn’t look like what it’s supposed to be.
I only see strong red lights ans subtle green lights.
I know the blue lights are not dead because when I plug in the matrix to the rainbowduino, I see blue lights.

Also, I’m trying to follow all kinds of tutorials to upload the firmware that allows me to control the individual LEDs, but no success so far. The manual confuses me a lot.
I know there’s a program called mtx something with GUI, but I can’t use it because I need to change the color depending on the temperature. So I have to program for conditions.

I want to solve the color problem first, but any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Dear customer,

Actually Rainbowduino can control Matrix by itself, why you want to add another Uno?

And there is a little different between V3.0 and V2.0 so better you use v2.0 libraries.

As I mentioned, I’m trying to upload a firmware using arduino.

Dear customer,

Arduino is not enough pins for PWM to control all of Matrix LEDs or cube.
So still persist in this way, that you should solve by yourself, we are not provide the codes in this way now.

But you also can refer to the Rainbowduino v2.0 Eagle file.

Best regards,


I managed to upload very simple code to the rainbowduino. It’s showing random patterns, but it lights up. :slight_smile:
Thank you for your advice, yuri.

I have another question. Can i use xbee with rainbowduino v2? I saw a picture using rainbowduino v3 with xbee, but never seen one with v2.


Sorry XBee just for Rainbowduino V3. And it should plug on Rainbowduino Cube.

Since there are Uart serial port on Rainbowduino, it’s possible to use with xbee in theory. But you need to know the pins of connections.


Thanks Steve
I figured out the entire circuit system, so now I just need to figure out the conditional code for Rainbowduino to change the color depending on the data received from the arduino :slight_smile: