Rainbowduino 8x8 RGB Matrix

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the world of microcontroller’s and electronics in general. For my current architecture project, I’m making a physical model of an 8x8 RGB LED matrix which is representative of an urban planning model using the principles of a cellular automata, and I’m having a few issues getting it to work.
I decided to do a DIY matrix of LEDs to get the desired size rather than using the pre-made backpacks that I’ve seen around.
I’ve soldered everything, hooked up the LEDs to the rainbowduino (Atmel328), which in turn connects to the arduino uno (Atmel328) to allow me to upload the firmware through the USB. I flashed an empty sketch through the system, and uploaded the rainbowduino firmware v3.0. The problems start here. The matrix only displays the red LEDs, and they are very very faint, none of the blue or green LEDs light up. I checked the soldering connections with a multimeter and all seems fine. So now I’ve hit a brick wall as my coding skills are very basic.

Any help would be massively appreciated,

Thanks for taking the time to read this,


Was the rainbowduino powered from a 6.5v or 9v supply adapter?