Rainbowduino + 8x8 Bi-Color Matrix

Hey, is it possible to use the Rainbowduino with the Bi-color 8x8 Matrix from Seeedstudio?

If it is possible, how do i have to wire it up?

it may be possible. I dont have them in front of me right now but on the product page for the bi-color there is a document that shows the pinout.

with that you could theoretically plug in a single color to a like color on the rainbowduino and then make sure you ground it.

if that were then case, then just access the colors as you normally would only you would just use 2 of them obviously.

as for the exact pin-out, i dont know right now. but it does seem possible. between the rainbowduino manual and the doc on the bi-color matrix page, it seems very easy to match up. just have to find pin 1 on teh bi-color matrix for reference

hmmm …

what annoys me is the different pinout of the matrix. its like one pin red, one pin green, one pin red and so on…

looks like i have to use a breadboard after all :-/

has anyone got the controlling of the rainbowduino by an arduino Duemilanove board to work yet? for me controlling the characters and patterns of the rainbowduino with an arduino would be one of the most important features

yes, this is working.

go to the rainbowduino and download the “Sample sketch”
decompress it somewhere then in the directory
load that code onto your rainbowduino

and in the directory
load that code on your arduino.

its all in the manual. once the code is loaded you have to hook up power 2 pins from arduino to the rainbowduino and your good to go.

but how do i upload a sketch to the rainbowduino? i have only an arduino and no other interface :frowning:

it has been mentioned in the support forum before but there is also a blog about how to do it

i already saw the mentioned example but unfortunately i dont have a seeeduino … only an arduino

is this also possible with arduino?

its just a sketch that uses 2 analog pins. i have not specifically tried an arduino but i dont know why it would only work on seeeduino.

i myself use mega-isp at google code to turn my seeeduino into an isp programmer.

in the 4 page rainbowduino thread i list out the steps i used.

this is the link

because the seeeduino has the auto-reset switcher so it can use it as a UareSB for programing rainbowduino .

In use for controling the rainbowduino , the arduino and seeeduino is equivalent.