Rainbowduino 3.0V library for Rainbowduino 2.0

I have a rainbowduino 2.0 and wants to use the rainbowduino 3.0 library for it. I have put the library in the folder …/ sketchbook / libraries /
I can compile the examples and transferred without problems. But the Rainbowduino simply does nothing. Does not work when not Biblothek Rainbowduino 2.0? Did I do something wrong?
The gradient of the firmware 3.0 is working correctly.

Rainbow 2.0 is not compatible with Rainbow 3.0.Do not use the library.
Our document has wrong connection.Sorry about that.
And the new 3.0 document will be launched in the near future,stay tuned.~(≧▽≦)/~

The new library is so great that new features would help me very much. Can I use the library 3.0 in the near future with the old 3.0 Biblothek Rainbowduino?

Yes,if there are the same version then you could try.
Have fun.