Rainbowduino 12v LEDs

hi everyone!

i’m using the rainbowduino to drive individual leds. because of convenience those are 12v leds with an limiting resistor. is it possible to adjust the voltage the rainbowduino gives to the leds??

thanks in advance…

In what way you want to change? Hardware or software? What effect do you expect to get?

i prefere software, but i assume hardware changes are necessary?
the 12V leds are right now pretty dim, of course, i want them to shine like the 8x8 RGB-matrix!


Sorry, I’m not clear about how do you connect the 12V leds. It should be very shine as if there are 12V connected. And you can use the firmware downloaded from here to control each led similar on LED Matrix.


maybe they should…but they dont! directly connected to a 12v power supply the are pretty bright, connected to the rainbowduino they aren’t :frowning:
i connected them like the leds in the matrix…


Rainbowduino cannot drive up 12V LED, the max voltage input is 12V(Source driver limited), and as the MBI5168(LED driver) need minimum 1V drop to lit up the LEDs proper.
And the Source Driver is a Darlington array, it will have 0.7 voltage drop, so the 12V power supply just can drive up 10v LED proper.