Rainbowduino '12V LED strip drives by Rainbowduino' help

I’ve been experimenting with this example:

I’d like some help, and would really appreciate hearing from anyone more knowledgeable about the Rainbowduino. I’ve tried tweaking the code given in the example, changing values around to try to figure out what each part of the code does. I’m not sure I’m making any progress though.

Even though I’m testing with the RGB matrix, I intend to make my own in a large project. The RGB matrix is SUPER bright running this code, even when powered from a 5V 300ma wall wart. I love how bright it’s driving the LEDs, and can’t get that same effect with any of the other examples even when adjusting the trim-pots.

I’d love it if someone can help me understand how to add to the 12V example so I can control more than 2 rows of LEDs that’d be great, and/or explain how I can use other code examples and drive the lights this bright.
Maybe these just seem brighter because the refresh rate is faster, as the board isn’t scanning so many other rows? Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks all!


It’s bright because there is no refresh rate. :slight_smile: The RD has 24 outputs and this project just turns them on or off and leaves them that way. In other programs it is multiplexing the outputs over eight rows, so the LEDs are only on for 1/8th as long.

you need to add a Rainbow.h into your folder where you code file in.
And I will supply it here, downlow it and try progress it again.

Rainbow.rar (431 Bytes)