Rainbowdiuno error

I have Rainbowduino and 4X4X4 LED cube.

Problem:I can not verify the sample sketch on your site. "Cube1,Cube2,Cube3…

      error message "  'Rb' was not declared in this scope"

       Rb.init();//Rb is used as this.// 

I downloaded “Rainbowduino_for_Arduino.zip” and I can decompression it.

But I can not decompressed "Rainbowduino3.0_Library.zip"file .

hey, the “Rainbowduino3.0_Library.zip” is for arduino IDE 023, we suggest you use the arduino IDE1.0+, the “Rainbowduino_for_Arduino.zip” would works good in IDE1.0+. you need to decompression the zip files and install the decompressed folder to …arduino\libraries. i have tried again it works good.

Thanks,I will try to pay attention version number. :open_mouth: