Rainbow Cube Problem

I assembled my cube i bought last month and plugged it in. I only get one led flasing RED at (3,0,3). Ive tried a 9volt battery, 9vdc wall power and usb port. all with the same result. :confused: Anybody else have this problem or know how to fix it so my cube will work!?!? Thanks for any help!

flashing one red LED when not code downloaded to Ranbowduino . You can visit the wiki seeedstudio.com/wiki/Rainbowduino_v3.0 , download the library .


I thought the rainbowduino was supposed to be preprogrammed? also the link does not work. everytime ive tried to download and open the zip links on the wikipage it says they are invalid filetype or corrupt. is there anywhere else to get the 3.0 lib from? thanks

the link on wiki no work ? You can download it below.
Rainbowduino_for_Arduino1.0.zip (16.8 KB)