Rainbow Cube Problem

I assembled the cube, and the bottom layer is not working, only 3 leds are lighting up,
the problem is I tested all the LEDs on the bottom layer one by one and all of them are
lighting up, even I re-soldered all the jumpers and all the connections to the layer.

Is it possible the layer is broken somehow?
Because the LEDs light up when I tested them.
Should I re-solder all the LEDs?
Do the LEDs light up when you finish, and should they be blue or random color?
Because some of them are different color.
Any help will be nice.

Side A of the Cube:
Side A.JPG

Side B of the Cube:
Side B.JPG

Cube 1.JPG

Cube 2.JPG
Cube 3.JPG

Finally had time to look at the cube, and found the problem.
The problem is that one of the side panels was bad, so I soldered the bad connection directly with a wire.
Don’t know if I should ask for a new panel, because it was broken.
But has anyone made the Rainbowduino cube?
I need to know if when you power it the lights were all Blue or some were different color.
CIMG3320_resize - Copy.JPG

Please check the soldering pad and the connectivity of the side PCB.