Rainbow Cube problem

I have an issue with my Rainbow cube, One LED will not light up it’s green colour, and when I switch LEDs on and off with CubeXControl, it turns on multiple LEDs at the same time for some locations.

I know the LED is good, as it will light up all colours if I power it directly. I am assuming I have messed up the jumpers, or have missed a solder joint somewhere.

Is there a circuit schematic somewhere? I think I need one to track the problem with my multimeter.

Or any other suggestions?


Power runs up the riser from the base and is tied into the appropriate level via a jumper. The cube is divided into 8 sections since it is really just a remapping of 8x8 rainboduino to 4x4x4. You only connect one jumper on each riser and only one to each level on each side for a total of 8 jumpers soldered. If you connect more than one on a specific riser then all the LEDs on each of those levels (on that side) will light up at the same time.