Rainbow Cube Power supply


I’ve misplaced the power supply for my pre-assembled Rainbow cube (long story, but the moral is don’t get married kids).

I know I can order a replacement but shipping to the US looks like it could take a while. I’m wondering what the specs are for acceptable power supplies are. It says 6-12V and looks like center-positive on the CubePanel board (v 1.2 12/21/2009). What are the amperage requirements? I’ve got some old 12V power supplies from Cisco routers that might fill the bill, but I don’t want to fry the thing.

I looked through the Wiki and data sheet, but I don’t see anything specifically about what’s acceptable for input on the DC connector.

Please let me know what the input specs or, or if I just need to order a replacement and wait.



Sorry for delayed reply.

CubePanel board uses LD1117-3.3 voltage regulator chip. You could use DC power supplies with output voltage 6V to 12V range. The output from the regulator is 3.3V / 1A. This powers both the Rainbowduino and LED cube. 12V / 1A ~ 2A should be sufficient.

Use the following formula to check if your power supply is compatible :
(Input VA) should be greater than ( Output VA + Regulator Loss )

Ensure that your powersupply is DC and is a regulated one.