Questions prior to upload from Eagle/Fusion newbie

I’ve never had PCBs manufactured before. Over the last two weeks I’ve learned to use Eagle and designed two boards. I’ve tried to self-educate and check as much as possible, but I still have a few questions before sending the designs to Fusion:

  1. I’m using the Fusion-provided file for DRC checks. All issues have been resolved except 124x “Stop Mask” errors on one board, which seem to be mainly due to a couple of poorly designed library parts (a fuseholder and a KIS-3R33S module). I’ve read that in general, this is not an issue; because even if the PCB plant tries to print silkscreen on exposed pads, it won’t stick. Is this correct and applicable to Fusion?

  2. On some other PCB service websites I’ve seen a list of available drill sizes which must be adhered to, but I couldn’t find one for Fusion. Is there one? If a part’s holes sizes don’t exactly match up with Fusion’s actual drill sizes, how does Fusion handle this? Do they round to the nearest available size, and if so, do they round up or down? Will DRC warn me if I pick a size that’s impossible or requires excessive rounding?

  3. The board outline is zero width wires on dimension layer #20, and the bottom-left corner corrected to 0.000,0.000. I’ve run the Fusion-provided CAM processing file to produce Gerbers, and used a viewer to verify the board outline appears in the list of files to be sent to Fusion. Is this correct?

  4. I have 5.08mm screw terminals, with edges placed flush against the edge of the board. Keeping everything on a consistent grid, the silkscreen outline slightly exceeds the actual board dimensions; since the silkscreen lines have width, versus the board outline which does not. I’d like this cropped, which is easier than deviating from the grid on either placement or board outline. Will Fusion do this? Or will I get a rejection, a strangely-shaped board, or other undesirable results?

I’ve attached one of my designs as it would be sent to Fusion, which all of the above questions apply to, in case anyone wishes to examine it directly.
Power (10.9 KB)

hi there,
1.please ingore the issues about stop layer, you needn’t open this layer when you use DRC check it.
2.the minimum drill is 0.3mm, and the maximum drill is 6.3mm increasing by 0.05mm. problem
4.the board outline and silkscreen are not in the same layer, so don’t worry about the board outline ,the silkscreen outside of board line will be cutted.

Thank you! Orders sent.