Questions for SenseCAP S200

Dear Seeed Studio Team,

Thank you for your support.

1.Can you provide dimension or drawing for SenseCAP S200 (Part #: 101991044)?

2.Regarding the anemometer mentioned above, is the measurement data taken from a direction or relative to the direction of the sensor itself?

  1. If, Data taken from a direction, you will need to calibrate it every time you measure, I guess.
    in this case, Is that calibration can cause the accuracy to decrease?

Can you give some advice?

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i think you align the body of the device to north as shown


Yes we know.
But, We need drawing as well, though.

and also we need Answer for #3 (which need calibrate each time for measuring or not.).
I know our region customer wants to know much more detailed answer.

Can you provide it?

Thank you so much.
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I am not official… I am waiting for my SenseCAp to show up in the mail
I am pretty sure you dont need any calibration, just try to be as specific as possable when orientation toward north, maybe use a iphone if available to get North, but even still orientation of the body cannot be exact

the sensor uses ultrasonic to determine the mass flow direction of the wind, interesting concept!