Questions about firmware upgrade on DSO Nano v.2

Hi. I’ve recently bought DSO nano v.2 oscilloscope and I am quite pleased, but one thing I cannot say I understand - upgrading the firmware.

So this is what I do:

  1. Press and hold down arrow and turn power on. I get this:
  1. Attach device to computer (I use FreeBSD 9.0) and do dmesg | tail, dfu-util -l and lsusb:

So if I understand this correctly all I need to do is to extract binary from dfu file and to copy it to this virtual device (which mounts like a flash drive and is empty). Am I right? And how changes can be rolled back in case if something is wrong?

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If you have the bootloader version 3.22 you cannot use dfu-util. You have to copy hex files onto the virtual drive, see the “new bootloader firmware” thread in the DSO Nano forum. To roll back, you need to copy back older hex files.